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The little-known enzyme at the root of your cellular health

Identifying the integral value behind Calcium ATPase is an incredible breakthrough for medicine.
Join me in creating a world with better health, less disease, and improved testing.”

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Our lives depend on reliable medical science. My decade of intensive, supported research and expert collaboration confirms Calcium ATPase is a key health indicator. This biomarker is one of the most important enzymes for cellular function and has implications for major health conditions.

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I want to share my discovery and offer you cutting-edge information about
Calcium ATPase
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What is
Calcium ATPase ?

Your body needs a plethora of enzymes to carry out essential processes. Calcium ATPase is an enzyme that transports calcium within every cell in your body.

Healthy people have enough Calcium ATPase to allow their heart to beat, muscles to move and brain to send nerve impulses, without ever having problems.

But when someone doesn’t have enough Calcium ATPase, their health can suffer. Low levels of Calcium ATPase increase your risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, and other serious health conditions.

Calcium Atpase (CA2+ATPASE Molecule) - Illustration

does it affect me ?

Calcium ATPase is a biomarker with a diverse range of applications.

You may finally get answers why you are ill or your child has puzzling health issues.

Doctors can educate their patients about Calcium ATPase, enabling healthier choices and less risk of chronic disease. A chance for prevention and treatment.

Anyone who wants to improve their health can see how Calcium ATPase affects risk of disease, neurodevelopment, inflammation, even weight gain – more reasons to take action.

Consider the calcium enzyme and its implications when you’re making health decisions.



Is your child experiencing unexplained health problems? Mine did. Low levels of Calcium ATPase could be the reason. If you need answers, my research could help you.


Calcium ATPase is a major determinant of human health. It can assist physicians with difficult to diagnose diseases. This new understanding can benefit your patients.


Taking care of your Calcium ATPase is taking care of yourself. Beware the major diseases and other consequences of inadequate levels.

can I do next ?

To optimize health and reduce the incidence of disease, you need to protect this precious calcium enzyme.

Through my critical research, I unearthed fascinating information about the toxic world we live in.

In The Calcium Connection, I outline the lifestyle changes and wise food choices you need to safeguard Calcium ATPase levels.

My goal is to provide practical information to help people make better health decisions, prevent disease, and live a healthier and happy life.

Consider the calcium enzyme and its implications when you’re making health decisions.

About Me

First and foremost, I’m a mother. I’m also a Yale graduate who worked as a financial analyst and private investor until the birth of my son, Knute.

Unfortunately, Knute experienced numerous health issues in childhood, including sleep apnea, ptosis, muscle weakness, painful rashes, and asthma. 

Doctors couldn’t give me answers. So I became a warrior, battling to find answers to what ailed my son. 

Hundreds of hours of reading and synthesizing research led me to find the missing link. The link was Calcium ATPase, a key enzyme found in every cell in the body.

I realized that everyone should be aware of the importance of Calcium ATPase to their health. That’s why I wrote The Calcium Connection.

Join me on a journey to better health!
Brunde Broady Calcium Atpase Expert

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Calcium Atpase (CA2+ATPASE Molecule) - Illustration