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My quest began as a mother. My knowledge evolved through my painstaking research. My life’s mission proceeds as an author.  

These roles led me to write The Calcium Connection, which empowers you to take charge of your health and understand how Calcium ATPase affects the very balance of your well-being.

Life changed forever with the birth of my son, Knute.

Of course, every mother feels the same, but sadly my story started differently.

Soon after Knute was born, there were signs something was wrong. As he slept, he began to turn blue and have trouble breathing.

Doctors rushed my newborn baby son into the intensive care unit, where I couldn’t follow. I was terrified and shocked to the core.

This was the beginning of the journey of discovery that’s brought us here today.

Knute became increasingly sick, and life was a living nightmare.
I was exhausted and deeply worried.
I had to question over and over,
what’s wrong with my child?”

His condition worsened, he had sleep apnea, swallowing problems, ptosis, muscle weakness, painful rashes, and asthma.

Conventional medicine couldn’t provide a diagnosis, so I had no choice. My tiny son was desperately ill, and I had no answers. 

With no other solution or hope, I began a decade-long quest to unravel the truth, reading hundreds of scientific journal articles along the way. 

My research ultimately connected Knute’s symptoms to certain foods, artificial flavorings, food dyes, toxins, pesticides, and gas from plastics.

There had to be a link between them, and I had to find it.

Eventually, I discovered that all these substances harm levels of Calcium ATPase. Nearly every cell in the body has this key enzyme that helps to maintain calcium homeostasis. 

Finally, I had made a breakthrough. 

Brunde Broady Calcium Atpase Expert & Author

I realized that besides my son, many people could benefit from this knowledge. Reduced Calcium ATPase plays a major role in many diseases, such as heart failure, cancer, and diabetes.

Serendipity is a beautiful thing. I’m privileged in that two seemingly different paths in my life converged, and I can use my experiences to guide people toward improved health.

Mother & Calcium Atpase Enzyme Researcher

While not a scientist, through my years of exhaustive and verified research,  I’ve received patents in both the United States and China related to my work on Calcium ATPase

In fact, my professional experience is as a financial analyst and private investor. After graduating from Yale with an MBA in 1994, I became a partner in a family-controlled venture firm. 

Interests range from nutraceuticals, software, technology, and, most recently, biopharma. 

In my capacity as director of Neurodon, I now work alongside CEO and fellow Calcium ATPase specialist, Dr. Russell Dahl.

Our biopharmaceutical company develops therapeutics for significant diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Huntington’s disease.

I’m delighted to announce that Neurodon recently received a $2 million grant from the National Institute on Aging at the National Institutes of Health to further essential Alzheimer’s research. 

My goal is to share my discovery and knowledge with you, so you can make educated decisions regarding your health, lifestyle, and of course, Calcium ATPase. 

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