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What is Calcium ATPase?

Have you heard of Calcium ATPase? You’re not alone. Even though this enzyme plays a pivotal role in health and disease, it’s relatively unknown.

My goal as a mother, researcher, and advocate is to raise awareness of this critical health biomarker. If you want to learn more about how your health depends on Calcium ATPase, subscribe to my newsletter. 

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Calcium ATPase is a
linchpin of cellular health /

To enjoy optimal health, you need to understand how this little known enzyme is responsible for supporting the body and mind’s harmony and well-being.

What is Calcium ATPase ?

Calcium ATPase (Ca2+ATPase) is an enzyme that transports calcium (Ca2+) within every cell of the body. It ensures the body always has the correct balance of intracellular calcium to carry out primary functions.


Calcium ATPase is one of the biomarkers of health; healthy people have adequate levels.

CA2+ATPASE Molecule (Calcium Atpase) - Illustration
CA2+ATPASE Molecule (Calcium Atpase) - Illustration

Calcium is essential

Life depends on the mineral calcium. Incredibly, the human body contains around 2.25 pounds of calcium. You’re likely most familiar with the 99.5% of this calcium found in bones, tissues, and teeth. The remaining 0.5% of calcium, around 1.5 teaspoons, circulates in the bloodstream as free calcium and resides in cells as intracellular calcium.

Why are intracellular calcium levels important ?

Imagine a city where the traffic signals were not working correctly. There would be complete chaos. Cars would crash, traffic would queue for hours, and think about the poor pedestrians!

Your body is like a busy city. Instead of traffic speeding about, imagine millions of essential processes; nerves pulsing, blood flowing, cells dividing. Intracellular calcium controls these actions, every second, every minute, every day.

When calcium levels go awry, we become significantly more susceptible to disease.

Calcium triggers action

Every time you move a muscle, or your heart beats, your body has to coordinate millions of cells. When the charged calcium levels in a cell rise, it triggers an action. Calcium ions can cause muscle cells to contract, or cells in the brain to send signals. 


Following this frenzy of activity, we need Calcium ATPase to step in and do its job.

What does
Calcium ATPase do ?

Calcium ATPase is also called the calcium pump. This crucial enzyme returns intracellular calcium to resting levels by transporting or pumping excess calcium into storage compartments within the cells.

Without a functioning calcium pump, our body couldn’t perform the relaxation phase of the contraction/relaxation cycle.

In other words, if you shook hands with someone, you would never be able to release your grip!

Calcium ATPase is critical

Reduced Calcium ATPase levels contribute to a plethora of chronic diseases and adverse health states. Without adequate Calcium ATPase, the body is susceptible to cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, cancer, obesity, diabetes, and brain dysfunction, among others. Even though this key health indicator isn’t widely acknowledged, compelling research highlights how a lack of Calcium ATPase can cause disease.

How do I protect my Calcium ATPase levels ?

That’s the million-dollar question!
I’m passionate about teaching people how to support their Calcium ATPase levels, and thankfully there are practical actions you can take.

The primary thing you need to know is that many toxins such as pesticides, mercury, lead, fluoride, fire retardants, bisphenol, food additives, food dyes, and dietary states such as hyperglycemia, deplete Calcium ATPase.
Lower levels of Calcium ATPase mean greater risk of heart disease, obesity, stroke, cancer, and more.

The key to protecting your health is to make positive life changes.
Take action now.

The Calcium Connection

In my book, The Calcium Connection, I examine the current research landscape of Calcium ATPase through the lens of my personal experience. I discuss how our health and well-being depend on this biomarker and what you can do to protect your Calcium ATPase levels.

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Calcium Atpase (CA2+ATPASE Molecule) - Illustration