Implications for Doctors

Harness Calcium ATPase
as a
Proven Diagnostic Tool

When a patient presents with an unrecognized disorder, making a diagnosis can be demoralizing and frustrating.

The biochemical biomarker Calcium ATPase is a major determinant of human health and wellness. Is it the missing link in your diagnostic conundrum?

The Calcium Connection outlines the fascinating research surrounding this key health indicator and highlights its immense potential for therapeutic intervention.

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The elusive diagnosis

There comes a time in every physician’s career when they feel defeated by a patient’s condition and frustrated by their inability to help.

When a patient presents with a catalog of life-disrupting symptoms, the diagnostic challenge begins. Even with today’s sophisticated technology, there remain many disorders that medicine doesn’t understand or recognize. 

Without acknowledgment, many disorders go undiagnosed. Patients are left to suffer in pain, sometimes for years. Once fully recognized, the focus can be on developing appropriate diagnostic tools and treatments.

Diagnosis remains an inexact science.
I want to change that.

Enter Calcium ATPase,
a biomarker for health

My learned colleague Dr. Dahl dubbed Calcium ATPase “an exquisite barometer of human health” and with good reason. 

Calcium ATPase is a unique biological target with immense potential for therapeutic intervention.

Perhaps even as a medical expert, you’ve yet to consider the role this enzyme plays in health and disease.

Some diseases and conditions are notoriously difficult to diagnose. Despite sensitive blood tests, chemistry, and scans, potentially life-altering diseases frequently go undetected. 

Through our work, we have established critical links between compromised Calcium ATPase and diseases as diverse as Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and others. 

In The Calcium Connection, I present a unified and compelling theory that depleted Calcium ATPase is an underlying mechanism of many disease pathologies. 

My work is verified by fascinating evidence from primary scientific literature and peer-reviewed medical research. 

My goal is to raise awareness of this key enzyme. I want to arm physicians with both the knowledge and tools to support them with difficult clinical challenges and overcome barriers to diagnoses. 

A Foundational View of
Calcium ATPase

Dr. Russell Dahl gives a foundational overview on Calcium ATPase and its relationship to obesity, diabetes, cancer, brain function, inflammation, and cardiovascular activity.

A test for Calcium ATPase

As yet, no test for Calcium ATPase exists outside of research facilities. In the future, we envision the analysis of Calcium ATPase levels being as essential as LDL testing. 

We are actively working to develop a test for Calcium ATPase that’s available to the general public. 

It’s currently possible to test for Calcium ATPase levels in platelets, but this process is not widely available. 

With our innovation, we see testing for Calcium ATPase being as straightforward as a standard blood profile.

How Calcium ATPase empowers physicians

In medicine, a lack of knowledge or technology to answer critical questions can lead to grave consequences. 

Calcium ATPase is an incredible health and nutrition biomarker.
Understanding how this key enzyme contributes to human biology can help physicians to unravel previously undescribed conditions.

The diagnosis is fundamental to the cure

The Calcium Connection describes my journey to pinpoint the cause of my infant son’s syndrome that left the doctors baffled. 

What followed was a decade of research and collaboration with medical experts that helped me understand the real power of Calcium ATPase.

My mission is to furnish you with an in-depth understanding of this linchpin of cellular health so that you can deliver improved patient health outcomes. 

Who knows, you may find the missing piece of the puzzle clicking into place!

To find out more about the role of Calcium ATPase and how a test could aid in the diagnosis of difficult to diagnose diseases, join us on social media.

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