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How One Mother Saved Her Son

When your child is ill, nothing else in the world matters. “What’s wrong with my child?” You’re desperate for answers, exhausted, and terrified. I know, because I’ve been there.

Have you considered how biomarkers such as Calcium ATPase could be involved?

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Does your child's health
hang in the balance ?

Is your little one failing to thrive?
Is there something not right that only a mother would know?
Do you feel abandoned by the medical community?
Unsupported, alone?

I’ve been through it, and I understand the pain and frustration you feel.

Like you, I’m a mother.
While I’m not a doctor, and don’t have an academic background in science or medicine, I have spent almost two decades researching this matter.

You’re here reading this because you need answers and you feel no one can help you.

I’m here to offer you hope.

Did my son have a chronic illness ?

My journey to understand chronic conditions in children and the key health indicator Calcium ATPase began with the birth of my son, Knute.

Just hours after my angel was born, there were signs something was wrong. As my perfect son slept, he began to turn blue and have trouble breathing.

The nurse whisked away my newborn baby son into the intensive care unit, where I couldn’t follow. I was horrified, panic-stricken. What is wrong with my son? Was he okay? Would he die? What were they doing to him?

I had no answers from the medical community

Knute was in the ICU for that first week.
The doctors ran scores of tests and couldn’t find a cause.

This was just the start of Knute’s health problems.
Sleep was impossible, and life was a struggle. You’ll know what a living nightmare this is!
I was perpetually exhausted and sick with worry.

Knute couldn’t swallow properly, and he aspirated his food, leading to pneumonia.
His tiny lungs were inflamed and painful.

When your child is ill, you need answers. You need solutions.

When your babies endure what seems like never-ending tests, you’re torn up. Your children are infinitely vulnerable, and you are entirely responsible for their care.

Knute was always droopy. As he grew, he couldn’t hold himself upright. Soon after, his eyelids drooped too, and jaw spasms followed.

As a mother, you know when something isn’t right.

Around this time, several things happened. We expanded Knute’s diet with typical starter food. We had a flea problem that we treated with pesticides. We had the wooden floors refinished.

Knute began to develop horrible nodules all over his body. One doctor suggested it could be mites. Unaware, we used a lotion that contained toxic pesticides. You do what the doctors tell you is best. You don’t always ask questions.

He endured yet more testing. Everything came up negative. He wasn’t allergic to anything, yet after eating certain foods, he broke out in hives.

I could see the connection, but why couldn't anybody else?

When you can’t find answers, your sense of desperation deepens. You feel totally alone. You feel like you have no voice or the confidence to delve deeper.

His mood changed, his asthma worsened, his droopiness increased.

With no help from conventional medicine, no solutions at hand, and nothing you can grasp for hope, it feels like all is lost.

The only course of action was to begin a decade long quest for answers, reading hundreds of scientific journal articles along the way.

I embarked on a journey of discovery that eventually connected Knute’s symptoms to specific foods, toxins, and pesticides that could negatively impact Calcium ATPase levels.

It was as simple and complex as that.

Today, Knute is a healthy, thriving young man. He stays healthy by self-modulating his food and lifestyle choices.

It still amazes me that no one I knew had ever heard of Calcium ATPase, including countless doctors and health professionals. I feel an obligation to get this information out, especially to mothers with young children who feel lost.


This is the reason why I wrote The Calcium Connection. Everything I learned during my ten-year quest is distilled into this book. I verified my findings with researchers and physicians who support my work.

My goal is to provide information you need to help you and your family make better health decisions, prevent disease, and live healthier.

Thank you for taking the time to learn something new.
I believe you’ll be glad you did.

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