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Calcium ATPase is essential for life. You can only achieve optimal health when you know how to protect this precious enzyme.

The Calcium Connection unmasks the enemies of Calcium ATPase and walks you through the steps to take to defend you and your family’s health. 

My son’s hard-to-diagnose issues led to my journey of discovery, and a decade of in-depth research. I’ve distilled this essential information into The Calcium Connection.

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What "The Calcium Connection" will teach you

In my book The Calcium Connection fellow Calcium ATPase advocate, Dr. Russell Dahl, dubbed Calcium ATPase “an exquisite barometer of human health,” and it is precisely that. 

Healthy people have ample Calcium ATPase, and I want to show you the steps to protect yours.

It took years of reading, research, trial, and error to finally understand the exact mechanisms that endanger Calcium ATPase and what we can do to support this valuable metabolic biomarker

I want to give you the ultimate knowledge to safeguard your Calcium ATPase. Join me as I unlock the science and reveal the solutions to the lifestyle choices that can strangle healthy Calcium ATPase.

How can you support healthy Calcium ATPase levels ?

Just as good health relies on healthy Calcium ATPase levels, a terrifying range of dangerous disease conditions is triggered by low levels. 

In The Calcium Connection, you’ll learn that thankfully it’s possible to mitigate some of the hazardous effects of toxins and pesticides and also how to work within the natural conditions of aging. I provide actions with the biggest bang for both today and in the long term to ensure a lifetime of healthy Calcium ATPase.

The Calcium Connection is a comprehensive guide to help you rejuvenate your health by rethinking what you eat, reducing your toxic load, and managing your stress. 

I will show you how making simple but effective changes to your life, which can be sustained long-term, can allow you to reclaim your well-being or a loved one.

The steps

I want you to remember that The Calcium Connection was over a decade in the making. It took me years of research and thousands of hours of reading before I fully understood and appreciated the role of Calcium ATPase.

You may feel overwhelmed, and I sympathize. I struggled for years without medical support, terrified for the health of my son. I couldn’t find any practical help or possible answers to his condition. 

Every step you take will make a difference. Just as toxins’ negative effects are cumulative, so are the effects of making good choices in regaining Calcium ATPase health. So take it one step at a time, and don’t stop. 

In essence, the steps to follow are simple.

Reduce your toxic load

Think organic food, filtered water, and reduced consumption of high mercury seafood, canned food, and fire-grilled food. Unfortunately, there is a plethora of hidden toxins in our homes, which I outline in The Calcium Connection.

Clean up your diet

High blood sugar is toxic to Calcium ATPase levels. Period! Eating too many carbohydrates can lead to high blood sugar. Not just candy bars and desserts. Bread, potatoes, quinoa, you name it — if it’s a carb, it will turn into blood sugar.


All types of exercise, including strength training, aerobics, and interval training, help Calcium ATPase levels if done regularly. Aim for a variety of different forms of exercise at least 3 times per week.

Manage your stress

Certain stress hormones can reduce Calcium ATPase levels in the heart. The great news is that traditional stress reduction techniques work! Try to add yoga, meditation, or Tai Chi to your weekly schedule and keep a steady practice.

Consider using supplements

Vitamins and supplements can have a positive impact on Calcium ATPase levels. Try adding vitamin E, resveratrol, or ginger to your medicine cabinet.

If you are committed to making changes, you will see results, and your body will thank you. 

The journey to reclaim your health can be frightening and stressful. However, you’re not alone. Join subscribers like you to get the most up-to-date information on Calcium ATPase.

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