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The Little-Known Enzyme at the
Root Of Your Cellular Health

Only a handful of medical professionals know about the “exquisite biomarker”, Calcium ATPase, and its impact on short- and long-term health.

Until now.

Brunde Broady was faced with an awful situation.

For years since infancy, her son had several undiagnosed health issues. It was heartbreaking to see him suffering. And maddening that even the best physicians had no answers. So she took matters into her own hands. She engaged in over 12 years of intensive research, outreach, and exploration with doctors on the cutting edge of medicine.


She “discovered” Calcium ATPase, a little-known enzyme that modulates calcium within your cells. Researchers have been analyzing the enzyme and its ramifications. But Brunde connected the dots from published research to medical case study. Now, The Calcium Connection makes this information available to all.

The Calcium Connection explains Calcium ATPase and its impact on health. If you don’t have enough, you’re at risk for heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and a myriad of other issues. And there are many inhibitors. But the good news is smart lifestyle choices keep your Calcium ATPase levels high and good health intact.

Brunde was able to help her son live an improved, healthier life with this work. He’s learned to take the necessary steps to keep his health issues at bay. With The Calcium Connection, you give yourself and your loved ones a greater chance at optimal health.

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“In this book, Brunde Broady lays the groundwork for a compelling theory about the causes of disease, while providing ample evidence from the primary scientific literature that Calcium ATPase is a major determinant of human health and wellness.”


—Dr. Russell Dahl, PhD

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